June 8th, 2021

$40,000 Dollar Hasselblad?

Medium format now better than grain Films!

It was eventually to become a reallity of the digital age and that of Space exploration, where as in many sciences this new format is easier to work with in that it can be transmitted across great distances and things will only get better in the years to come with all Digital camera quality formats?

Photography is now into the third Century and it has come a long way from plates to film, slides, instant film and now electronically and the size is also shrinking in some areas to the mobile phone and the space bots, but what is coming or is already in use with the military is camera eye contact?

Many of us see what we like but do not seem to be able to catch that image because we are driving, working and moving, but if our eyes were the cameras of the future photography would come into a totally new light and we might see the end of some cameras and their formats too?