September 15th, 2020

Camera Design?

Digital age brought Hope!

With the onset of the digital age there was some hope in the design area for the camera with Konica-Minolta leading the field, but this has now retruned to the box shape and a few gimmicks such as the selfi-ability?

In the days of plate, medium format and the 35mm SLR boxes and shape remained the same, a few initiatives of colour were added to some expensive rangefinder cameras but that was about it.

Today some makes of digital DSLR and Bridge cameras as well as compacks offer a range of colours, white, red, blue from the blacks and greys or the common silvers and the imagination is being lost to a hoard of bordem?

Perhaps many will return to the 35mm split cassettes of the manual SLR one more in a hope of something different, but as to deisgn and new ideas that opportunity has been lost except for the instant camera world and a few others?