July 31st, 2008


3493 And Counting

“I’ve gotten a lot of middle fingers. “The first one was from a North Olmsted police officer.”

Lakewood, Ohio resident Michael Pomerantz has gotten reactions from hugs to shouted obscenities, all because of the count of Americans dead in Iraq he keeps on the back of his van.

Everywhere he goes, whether the Cleveland Metroparks where he walks his dog in the morning, or traveling outside of Lakewood to the art fairs where he shows his paintings, the body count attracts attention. He has been interviewed by news outlets, hugged by little old ladies and bitterly confronted by complete strangers.

“As I was watching the numbers reach 500 then 700 and 800, I thought, that’s a lot of people,” he said. “We lost 1500 in the first Iraqi war and many people thought it would be the same amount. So I thought, what would be the best way to draw attention to that? Rather than an angry sign with a blatantly political message, I thought, let’s just put the number out there. When I first started displaying the sign people didn’t want to give me the thumbs up because it was like applauding the deaths,” he told me. “Now it’s clear I’m only pointing out one of the many facts indicating what a terrible mistake this war is. I might just as easily have put up the figure of $500 billion.”

Pinup Bride

 I attended the wedding of two dear friends at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo two weekends ago.  The bride, a brazen and lovely woman, had no modesty in posing while in the dressing stages of donning her bridal wear.  I loved it.  

Here is the shot I love most!
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I love the surreal lighting... and also the softness in her expression.

Comments and Constructive Critique Welcome.

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I've been wanting to shoot in a laundromat and finally got the chance to the other day. The vibe of the place was straight out of 1970, so I took a cross-processed approach to this, which is a little unusual for me. Does it work, or is it too over the top?


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I have a question.

Hi Guys!
I'm looking for a new camera and I was wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction. I'm an armature photographer but I plan on going to art school next fall so I am trying to find something I could develop a decent portfolio with. I'm looking for something I could actually afford.. if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks :)

swing and sunset

New to the community?

Hey folks, I just joined this yesterday and i am still trying to get the jist of it i think this is how you post a picture, but i'm not sure. Anyway i'm a senior in high school and I love photography. I'm really intrested in persuing it so i hope you guys like my stuff! I put it behind and LJ cut because it is pretty big but still! Check it out!

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swing and sunset

Dreams Unfold

This is one of my favorites by me. A lot of people don't notice it but if you look closely you can see a dog in the window, thats what I like the most about it. A great opritunity shot!