March 31st, 2007

Spring is in the air

Although this is a shot from last year and processed this month, the Tulips are beginning to show color in the fields here. I'll be shooting them for a month and no doubt posting several images here. This 8x10 and a wider crop of the same shot in 12x18 were amongst the top choices of people I had look at my portfolio this spring and  therefore I'll be producing for sale

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I think i might of caused a bit of a stir earlier when i posted some of my photos. The camera i use is just a simple sony cyber shot with 5.0 mega pixels. But one thing which was troubling me and many others was the grainy-ness. I did do photoshop on my other photos to make the colouring more exaggerated but the photos condition was not very good. Please could someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong. The size of the photos is VGA, im normally on automatic and i dont use flash. HELP!

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