July 5th, 2006

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Let's forget about the time
Let's relax and ease our mind
We deserve to just feel fine, oh yeah
We could stroll the mezzanine
Buy some dirty magazine
Laugh behind it while we're eatin' ice cream
Strollin', strollin' we could have fun just strollin'
Rockin', rollin' oh yeah

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Ilford Delta 100 (8x10) scanned at 800dpi
305mm Schneider G-Claron
f/90 + 6 seconds

The elevation was 5,029 feet. All the black stuff in the foreground was lava at one point. This place is pretty much a wasteland, except for a few trees here and there.
glow tree

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Shooting like I have been, I've been picking up little things as I look at the shots after the fact.
I've learned that a lint roller and an iron are my friends.
I've learned that turning a shirt inside out does matter, because seams are visible, even against darker backgrounds - though for these shots, it doesn't distress me so much, since these were practice. She's observed that she looks somewhat like a hunchback in some of the shots, because of how the tag makes her shirt lay. =P
I'm learning about shadows and how the position of the lights changes the entire look of a shot.

So many people here post incredible portrait shots. Any tips or tricks?

More fiddling and twiddling is located [here] on my personal journal.

Helpful and constructive comments and tips are very welcome. :o)

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Looking for a 18-200 VR Nikon lens

Does anyone in the Bham, Alabama or surrounding area have an 18-200 Nikon that they are trying to get rid of for a good price or one that they would let me borrow/rent. I work at a photo shop so I might be able to help you out if you need photo/digital camera supplies and such.