July 3rd, 2006

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The Sample Gallery on Visual Perceptions
Sheffield Open Fencing Tournament Semi-Final 2006, another WIP.

Minolta X-700, 50mm MD lens @ f4.
Ilford HP4 @ ASA 800, Dev in Rodinal 1:50 24 mins.

Taken from an elevated position above the event and then cropped down later. In the full frame there's a rather irritating door to the outside world wide open throwing the exposures off something wild. Isn't post-production great? Only a simple crop done here from the full frame. Pictured are Stuart Marshall and Joe Brightman, both excellent junior cometitors. Stuart went on to win gold on the day.


I took some great photos on my recent trip to Europe (Germany, France and Italy)

We visited the Wasserfall(waterfall) in the Black Forest of Germany. Very beautiful!!!

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good? bad? It's my first attempt at waterfalls so be nice.

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Double Rainbow

Here is one of the rainbow shots I got the other day.  If you look close you can see the second rainbow appearing.  Any ideas on how to bring the colors out more? Any ideas on if and how I could edit this in photoshop to make it more vibrant? Any feedback is very appreciated. :)  Thanks!

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You know what posts are frequent and somewhat annoying?

"What camera should I buy?" posts

Who would be willing to start a community purely centered on camera equipment and buying new camera equipment and what to buy, I mean I know this community could do that.

but more specialization would be less clutter.