May 20th, 2006

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last sunday evening i noticed jupiter saying hello, just as the sun was going down. i had a 200mm lens with me. this photo was at f 2.8 about 1/125 second at iso 800.

has anybody photographed the comet?
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The accidental jewels

One of my favorite types of photographs are those you take not trying to create a masterpiece. We've all seen them. You're just hanging out with friends or family, taking fun little snapshots, and when you review them you're like "Wow, that came out really really well!"

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i've been into photography for about 7 years now. i took 2 years of photography in high school (a total of 3 classes). i work a little on the side, doing outdoor portraits (i'd set up a studio at home, but our lease forbids such things), but my real passion is macro.

i have two cameras. one is a Pentax ZX-30, with a promaster 28-110mm a/f lense. i bought it around 5 years ago, and i use it for any paying jobs i happen to get. my other camera is a Mamiya/Sekor from the 1970's. all-metal body, screw-mount lenses (i have a 28mm, a 55mm, and an 80-200mm), and completely manual. it's much more fun to use than then Pentax. =) i also have a bellows attachment, which i used today.

none of this is photo-shopped or edited/enhanced in any way, except the last picture. no filters were used during this shoot.

a leaf from a tree

all photos here taken with the Mamiya and bellows.
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Of course, I'd be happy to sell prints if anybody wants them =D
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best presents ever

had a happy birthday;)

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i bought myself the best birthday present to london;D i've never even been anywhere;( that sucks, but this year it's going to change. i can't stop shaking i'm sooooo excited. SO EXCITED!D and eric just bought me the best birthday present a girl could EVER ask for.......... a bigger memory card for my camera{-) now i can almost take 800 pictures with out running back to my ibook. i've been freaking since i've found out and i still don't know if i have the days off at work;( but i'm going anyway. even if i have to come back and get 3 jobs.......poo;(

can't wait.
but i have to go to work now......i'll write more soon;)
i promise!D
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