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Saturday, May 20th, 2006

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grille and badging: holden gts

Brisbane Motor Show 2006.

Sorry if this is a duplicate... I can't quite recall if I've already posted it.

Bud with Ants
Buds with Ants 08

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Nikon D50, 55mm f3.5 Micro-P.C, ISO 200@1/160 with +3.35 stops of exposure in Camera RAW, Aperture unrecorded.
I just joined. Here's some of my photos if anyone is interested. (I enjoy photoshop.. a lot)
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do you have to let it linger?

Kodak Z7590 - 1/30 - f3.2 - ISO 200 - dist. focal 9.8mm - no flash

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Camera :: Nikon D70
Lens :: Tokina AF 12-24 f4 DX
New Camera

I haven't even had my new Canon EOS 30D for a day, I need to learn how to use it but I took this last night and it is my favorite so far :) More at the journal.
Throwing Stones
My son and I were exploring the woods behind our house when we came across this pond.

last sunday evening i noticed jupiter saying hello, just as the sun was going down. i had a 200mm lens with me. this photo was at f 2.8 about 1/125 second at iso 800.

has anybody photographed the comet?

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101,83 КБ
this is the digital version of -> this one

elektrokohle I-VIICollapse )
his name is sammy
these are pictures of my dog.
not really impressive in terms of photography,
but he's cute. so i hope you like them :)

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photo - ortigia cafe

Ortigia, Bank Place, Melbourne. 2006.04.26. Feedback always welcome.

The accidental jewels
One of my favorite types of photographs are those you take not trying to create a masterpiece. We've all seen them. You're just hanging out with friends or family, taking fun little snapshots, and when you review them you're like "Wow, that came out really really well!"

These are my pleasant surprises.Collapse )

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The Skywalker Ranch
It was a good day to drive in the clean air of Northern Cali... and a great day to visit the Skywalker Ranch.

Read the story HERE >>>
new member
i've been into photography for about 7 years now. i took 2 years of photography in high school (a total of 3 classes). i work a little on the side, doing outdoor portraits (i'd set up a studio at home, but our lease forbids such things), but my real passion is macro.

i have two cameras. one is a Pentax ZX-30, with a promaster 28-110mm a/f lense. i bought it around 5 years ago, and i use it for any paying jobs i happen to get. my other camera is a Mamiya/Sekor from the 1970's. all-metal body, screw-mount lenses (i have a 28mm, a 55mm, and an 80-200mm), and completely manual. it's much more fun to use than then Pentax. =) i also have a bellows attachment, which i used today.

none of this is photo-shopped or edited/enhanced in any way, except the last picture. no filters were used during this shoot.

a leaf from a tree

all photos here taken with the Mamiya and bellows.
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Of course, I'd be happy to sell prints if anybody wants them =D

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First waterfall..........

Current Mood: happy
best presents ever
had a happy birthday;)

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i bought myself the best birthday present EVER........tickets to london;D i've never even been anywhere;( that sucks, but this year it's going to change. i can't stop shaking i'm sooooo excited. SO EXCITED!D and eric just bought me the best birthday present a girl could EVER ask for.......... a bigger memory card for my camera{-) now i can almost take 800 pictures with out running back to my ibook. i've been freaking since i've found out and i still don't know if i have the days off at work;( but i'm going anyway. even if i have to come back and get 3 jobs.......poo;(

can't wait.
but i have to go to work now......i'll write more soon;)
i promise!D

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even angels fall
Here are my latest photos taken with my dads SLR!
The lines in two of the pictures must have happened while scanning the slides, because it's no digital camera.


Turtle Shell

Mike and Anthony
May 2006
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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