ivanjake (ivanjake) wrote in photographers,

IS 120/220 plates and slides still Viable?

WIll digital ever replace these trusted formats?

The DSLR has realy taken by storm the 35mm format and some of those working in medium format 120/220, if not also slides of all formats, but will it or has it already replaced the large plate cameras?

Many still like to use these formats for advertising deatail, yet with the digital format we can easily manipulate the images to make them more surereal than they could ever be in the old types of labority chnages!

Large and medium may be here for some time, because it is still loved by so many working in the field, new to photography or just can;t be bothered to change now?
Tags: #120/220film, #digitalmanipulation, #digitalreplacements, #fantasyphotography, #largeplatecameras, #mediumformat

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