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We may continue in the Digital Age?

But for photograpic learning manual is still the Best!

To learn the basis in photography is to remain with the old manual SLR cameras and the basis the better in relation to speed, distance, focus and everything one might need to improve when going over to the digital DSLR's?

This basis knowledge will stay with us for the rest of our photographic lives and it will allow us to sharpen up our images! Another problamatic area in photography, which the digital has allowed but teaching is not accpeting is that of image manipulation?

Working with film allows us to learn by mistakes, while the digital makes it too easy and we also enter fantasy in the processing of the images that in a way could be described as cheating!

What we have may remain for at least another fifty years before the digital world makes basic cameras for the training and study purposes, just limiting what can be done with a dedicated manual over-ride will be the best way forward?

But one believes that film will continue on in 120/220 and 35mm format for some time to come, plates also and slides too will continue from the old age of today to the novelty of tomorrow!

So what ever you think, please enjoy as I do!
Tags: #digitalsimplicy4thefuture, #problamaticdigitalmanipulation, #slrbasicstrining

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