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Живописные краски. Rīga, Latvia. детали архитектуры

Крыши укрыты снегом белым, стены покрашены золотом солнца.
жж DSC_9897-2
Taken on January 16, 2021
Nikon D60
18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6
ƒ/7.1 48.0 mm 1/200 200
Winter in Riga. Der Winter in Riga :)
Centrs, Rīga, Latvia

Film Photography?

Still the best Grain!

The Single reflex manual camera may remain the mainstay of quality for some time yet for the professionals in advertising and the press? Key quality images are still sought after and many of the latest digital cameras expensive and full of tech still have flaws with shake and movement that the old equitment can cope with?

The mass market will encompass digital, becuase it is easy to share and process, no smelly chemicals and no waiting. Filming functions are also a great way to share via the smart phones current situations, police brutality, terrorism, criminal activity, race hate speech and uprising, if not just natural disasters and people or animals having fun?

The media links can also provide filming for emercgency room assessments to be made over great distances as well as many other applications that have more to do with communications tech and you tube or other outlet filming!

Father frost and Santa's Sacks!

What new Cameras did you get this Christmas Season?

The DSLR market and the compact cameras are still coming out with new features and lenses, more zoom and even wider fisheyes than ever before, the only problem is that the prices are keep ordinary folk out of the market and having to rely more on the secondhand than the new?

Much of the secondhand market if you get a good buy, will be just that of quality that will improve image printing and then its up to what kind of printer you can afford with reasonable priced inks? Photography today is not just owning a good camera, you need espensive computer software, storage as well as an A3 printer!

Some people are now returning to film and labority processing, which though expensive is an easier format to work with and it is still not clear if even the best digital is better than monchrome grain? Young people are pushing their mobile phone photography and improvements here with filming also is cutting out the need for any standard camera?

Phones are small and combine various apps for communication, access to all social media and many other things too, in your hand!

'We wish you all a happier New Year 2021?